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Generalities about my research

I'm an assistant professor (adjunct) at the Department of Combinatorics and Symbolic Computations (earlier, Department of Algebra and Geometry) at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruñ (Poland). I'm interested both in pure mathematics and computer science (theoretical, programming).

I am engaged in algebra in general, in particular - representation theory of algebras. Among others, I try to elaborate algorithmic, computer algebra solutions for the problems appearing in this theory. One of the main goals is to create (computer) tools helping to investigate abstract mathematical objects in an experimental, "empirical" way. Unfortunately, it is not easy, and sometimes (one can prove that) it is impossible. Happily, algebraic structures can often be "discretized" in some sense and therefore they can become friendly for computer :). Some problems have already been solved but many others are still waiting for solutions.

QPA - Quiver and Path Algebras

I would like to emphasize that such a computational, algorithmic approach to mathematical theories often requires a deep understanding of known facts or proving new ones, and is an inspiration for interesting theoretical considerations. On the other side, experiments and tests (often practically unfeasible without a help of a computer, due to their high complexity) can give a hint for proving given hypothesis, or can help to produce a counterexample.

How the objects that one has to deal with in representation theory look like? Take a look:
Stable tube of rank 10 (PNG 24kb 1024x768)
Wildness - slogan :) (PNG 65kb)

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